Gillespie Gifford & Brown



Gillespie Gifford & Brown (LLP) is an amalgam of four local firms and has been in its present form since 1993.

The firm takes its origin from an amalgamation in 1985 between two old established firms in Castle Douglas, Lidderdale & Gillespie and Patrick Gifford & Co. Indeed the former traces its history back to the late Eighteenth Century.

In 1987 the firm amalgamated with a well-established practice in Kirkcudbright and the name Gillespie Gifford & Brown was taken at that stage.

There was further expansion in 1990 when the firm of Lennons joined the group to give the firm a telling presence in Dalbeattie and finally in 1993 the firm of McGowans, long established in Dumfries town, came under the umbrella.

The result has been a well-established business connection in each of the four towns and surrounding districts in which we operate. We are one of the largest Firms south of the central belt giving a mix of expertise which we think is essential to our clients' interests in the current ever changing world of legal business.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you so very much for all of your work over the last, how many years that I have been involved with yourself in relation to my Uncle…..You were always very caring with him, and made my involvement so much easier than it might have been, given the distance …I always felt you were very much in his corner…
- Valerie McElroy, Dumfries Office, Power of Attorney, House Sale, Executry

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