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Making a Will or Power of Attorney during lockdown


Over the course of the last three months, many clients have asked us how they could make their Will or a Power of Attorney if our offices were closed. The short answer to that is that we continue to provide services throughout this difficult period and will continue to do so until we are able to re-open our offices and beyond.

We did face many challenges to deliver legal services to clients and for those who wished to make a Will or Power of Attorney, the challenge was quite stark.

In normal circumstances we meet with clients and listen to their intentions. We advise clients on what the law says about things like Prior and Legal Rights, take their instructions and draft their Will. This is usually done face to face, either in our office or in the client’s home. The lockdown changed all of that.

We were not permitted to visit clients to discuss their intentions or take their instructions and we had to close our offices so clients could not readily visit us. However we have still been able to communicate by other means.

We have been preparing Wills and Powers of Attorney for clients throughout the lockdown and clients have been able to sign these.

Although our offices are still not allowed to re-open (which will happen in Phase 3 of the Route Map out of Lockdown), we continue to provide Wills and Power of Attorney services to clients whenever these are required under alternative arrangements.

If you’re thinking about making a Will or a Power of Attorney or would like to discuss what’s involved, please contact us and we’ll guide you through the entire process.

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