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New Year Brings Changes for Gillespie Gifford and Brown LLP


Gillespie Gifford & Brown LLP is giving our clients and professional connections advance notice of the forthcoming retirement of Valerie McElroy on 31st March 2023. Valerie joined the firm in February 1997 as an Associate Solicitor and was assumed as a Partner in the firm in January 1998. When Valerie retires she will have dedicated over 25 years of her professional career to looking after the interests of the clients of Gillespie Gifford & Brown from our Dumfries Office. The remaining partners in the firm, Abby McAteer, Adam Turnbull and Vicky Evans all wish Valerie a happy and well-earned retirement!

Going forward, the firm has conducted a comprehensive review of its structure and services and how it delivers those services to clients. As most people are aware, working practices have required to adapt during the course of the last three years and throughout the various lockdowns and restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As part of the review, having regard to changed work practices and needs of our clients, we have considered the viability of retaining so many office premises across the region and have concluded that rather than spreading our resources across four offices, our business shall, from 31st March 2023 operate from our offices in Castle Douglas and Dalbeattie. It is proposed that staff from our Dumfries and Kirkcudbright offices will be relocated to our offices at Castle Douglas and Dalbeattie from where we will continue to provide the very high level of professional service our clients currently enjoy.

There shall be no interruption of service and existing clients and ongoing transactions will continue to be dealt with in the usual manner. Any Title Deeds, Wills, Powers of Attorney or other documents and files currently held within our Kirkcudbright and Dumfries Offices shall be relocated and will continue to be held by us in safe custody for clients.

We invite any clients who may have questions after reading this notice to please contact us. Rest assured, Gillespie Gifford and Brown LLP remains fully committed to the continued service of our clients across South West Scotland and beyond, now and for the years to come.

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